Hands & Feet July 13 – 16 / 2018

Participation in the Benny Greb Master Session „Hands & Feet“ 2018 at the Bayerische Musikakademie in Hammelburg from 13th July until 16th July 2018

Don’t miss this unique edition of the master session which will drastically improve one of the most fundamental aspects of your musical expression, no matter what level of ability or style of music you are dealing with right now.

The camp will be held in the beautiful Musikakademie Hammelburg. The participants and Benny will live and eat there together (accommodations are INCLUDED in the master session fee). Please bring a snare stand, sticks and your bass drum pedal.

This camp will focus on the Tools that we need to express ourselves on the instrument. Generally called Technique. It will cover everything, from basic Stick Grip up to advanced coordination and Independence – all in a comprehensive and very practical way.

In this 4 day session you will learn:
– Benny´s Rudiments & Hand technique Crash Course
– Benny´s Foot Technique Crash Course
– Tools how to get your Hands and Feet to feel great and work together synergistically
– simple and effective vocabulary building
– how to progress in Coordination & Interdependence
– Posture troubleshooting
– How to make your Drums your ally through Ergonomic Setup
– the Moeller Technique demystified
– how to create multiple Soundoptions with Technique (instead of gear)
….. and a lot more

Specials: Every participant gets an exclusive Master Session T-Shirt and a 12“ Benny Greb Masterpad for free.



Day 1

16:00 h – Arrival & Check In
17:00 h – Welcome & Introduction
18:00 h – Dinner
19:00 h – ca. 20:30 – Lessons