Upcoming Master Sessions

Upcoming Master Sessions


The Benny Greb Master Sessions are Drumcamps focused entirely on musicianship,

extending the story Masterdrummer and Educator Benny Greb began with his groundbreaking DVD “The Language Of Drumming”.

Benny Greb guides a limited number of Students through several intense days filled with great lessons and exercises designed to bridge the gap between “drumming and musicianship”. Pertinent information needed to make you a better musician and drummer is delivered and experienced through the focused, intensive sessions.

The curriculum is designed so that participants are not just sharpening their intellectual and physical tools while receiving the next set of workouts. More importantly, they take away a much deeper understanding of music by experiencing what makes the difference. Benny shares his internationally acclaimed excellence, knowledge, insights and concepts by teaching, playing, having fun in group-sessions and staying full-time with the students during the Drumcamp.

There is more to drumming than just moving your hands and feet while hitting things. There is much more to music than just playing the right notes. If you´re open to stretching your boundaries, make the decision today!